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Orange County Mirrored Closet Doors installation Repair Replacement

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Orange County Mirrored Closet Doors installation Repair Replacement

Orange County Glass Works – Mirrored Closet Installation.

A look inside a closet can often give a glimpse of the preferences of the owner

Mirror Doors

A look inside a closet can often give a glimpse of the preferences of the owner—his or her clothing preferences and his general sense of style. But with the Orange County Glass Works closet doors, expressing one’s individuality can begin even before the contents of a closet are unveiled.

Just how personal can a closet door be, you ask? Orange County Glass Works leaves the entire design process to you. From framework to glass to overall design, you get to decide what goes into the make of your door.

Match the color and the material of the doorframe to the look and feel of your home. Choose from silver, maple, walnut, wenge or plain white or black frames. Just how much you want to show your visitors, you decide. Closet doors can have clear, linen, frosted, laminated milky or mirrored glass panels. Let your fashion sense and design sensibilities shine right from the outset with stylish, impeccable custom-made sliding doors for your closets.

Mirrored closet doors are a great way to spruce up your space. They can make your room feel nearly twice as large as well as adding light to your space. They provide ample ability for primping and judging clothing combinations, and are more stylish than other kinds of closet doors.

Along with the full-body mirror, a mirrored closet door will allow you to prepare yourself in the morning. You will no longer be standing on chairs to see your full body length. This is a particularly nice benefit for bedrooms with smaller attached bathrooms.

There are so many options to choose from and sometimes a client can become overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing from the various components and styles. Mirrored closet doors seem like a straightforward installment, but there are actually quite a few options to choose from.
Let Orange County Glass Works share with you their expert advice and knowledge to help you make the best choice for your home or office. Here are some descriptions of the options that Orange County Glass works offers their clients; Chrome-tinted mirrors can add classiness to the quality of your mirror.

A beveled edge puts a more decorative touch on your doors. You can also purchase and install mirrors of different thicknesses. A thicker mirror will create a sturdier door, but you may also need to upgrade your door hardware to handle the extra weight. These features may add a small amount to the price of your mirrored door, but many homeowners find the benefits well worth the extra cost.

There are two basic ways naturally, to replace your closet doors with a closet door mirror. These cost more than affixing a mirror to your door, but they also look better. They offer more flexibility, as they can be built to any shape or style. Unless you have a strong desire to change your door style, it’s best to retain your door design (sliding doors, double folding doors, triple folding doors, etc.) as you can usually keep your old door hardware.

The other option is, to affix a mirror to your closet door. First, you can simply attach a closet-sized mirror to the door. This is usually the cheapest option. There are DIY assembly kits, but you’ll need to be handy and take care during the installation so you won’t have to worry about it falling off in the future.

Even if you’re not in the bedroom to hear your mirror fall and break, if you were the one to install the mirror the seven years of bad luck fall on you. In addition to all the time and money that you will waste, these doors are not as aesthetically pleasing. It is in your favor to trust the work to the professionals and rest assured that you will be pleased with the result.

Let Orange County Glass Works take care of all your glass and mirror needs. They have skilled professionals who are happy to help you and offer a free quote!

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